L.M. Montgomery - writer of the world
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Wednesday August 19

Registration, Ihresalen, house 21, Centre for the Humanities English Park Campus, Thunbergsvägen 3L, Uppsala (4 p.m. to 5.30 p.m.)

Guided Walking Tour of Uppsala (starts at 6 p.m. outside Uppsala Cathedral, Domkyrkoplan 5-7, Uppsala)

Thursday August 20 (10 a.m.–7 p.m.)

Registration, Ihresalen, house 21, Centre for the Humanities English Park Campus, Thunbergsvägen 3L, Uppsala (8 a.m. to 9.45 a.m.)

Reception at the Botanical Garden, Villavägen 8, Uppsala (10 a.m.)

Welcome: Åsa Warnqvist (Sweden)

Introductory Speech: Gabriella Åhmansson (Sweden): “L. M. Montgomery – Writer of the World”


Special talk: Kate Macdonald Butler (Canada), "Honouring the Legacy of L. M. Montgomery in a Contemporary World"

Panel 1: A different Anne? Anne in Translation

Moderator: Benjamin Lefebvre (England/Canada)

Keynote speaker:
Elizabeth Waterston (Canada), “The Story Girl: Responses to Fiction”


  • Cornelia Remi (Germany): “From Green Gables to Grönkulla – Anne’s Arrival in Sweden”

  • Barbara Gawronska (Norway): “How to Spell Ania with an e? Translation of Proper Names in L. M. Montgomery’s Anne-novels into Polish”

  • Francesca Montuschi (Italy): “Reading Anne of Green Gables in Italian”
Evening Reception at University Main Building, Universitetsparken, Uppsala (5 p.m.)

Guided tour at Museum Gustavianum including the Anatomical Theatre, Akademigatan 3, Uppsala (6 p.m.)

Dinner on your own

Friday August 21st (10 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

Panel 2: Cross-cultural Readership of Montgomery

Moderator: Lesley D. Clement (Canada)

Keynote speaker:
Irene Gammel (Germany/Canada): Anne of Green Gables: International Portraits of Cultural Transfer


  • Huifeng Hu (China): “A Cultural Look at the Acceptance of Red-Haired Anne in China”

  • Motoko Takeuchi (Japan) and Yomiko Fujikake (Japan): “Diversity of Anne’s Popularity: Reflections of Japanese Girls”

  • Jana Mikota (Czech Republic/Germany): “Anne of Green Gables – The Adoption of a classic in (West) Germany”

  • Doreley Coll (Canada): “Reading Anne of Green Gables in Montevideo”

Panel 3: Anne of Green Gables – a Reading Experience for Life?

Moderator: Jean Mitchell (Canada)

Keynote speaker:
Mary McDonald-Rissanen (Canada/Finland): “If you were Anne ... How Swedes brought Anne to the Palestinian classroom”

  • Annelie Bränström Öhman (Sweden), “Anne Shirley and the Mom-Daughter Secret of the Story Club”

  • Åsa Warnqvist (Sweden): Swedish Readers on Anne of Green Gables

Panel 4: Teenagers’ and Students’ Responses to Anne of Green Gables

Moderator: Kate Sutherland (Canada)

Keynote speaker:
Gabriella Åhmansson (Sweden): “The Book of Anne – Lessons Anne Taught Us”

  • Joy Alexander (Ireland): “The Appeal of Anne of Green Gables for Young 21st Century Readers”

  • Anna Nordenstam (Sweden) and Ann Boglind (Sweden): “Anne of Green Gables – a Modern Classic?”
Dinner on your own

Saturday August 22nd (10 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

Panel 5: Transformations and Visual Perspectives

Moderator: Joy Alexander (Ireland)

Keynote speaker:
Elizabeth Rollins Epperly (U.S./Canada): “L. M. Montgomery and the Colour of Home”


  • Lesley D. Clement (Canada): “Empathy and Montgomery’s Emerging Artists: Negotiating Thresholds between Perception, Imagination and Creativity”

  • Benjamin Lefebvre (England/Canada): “‘Used in Some Other Book’: L. M. Montgomery as Reader”


Panel 6: Breaking New Ground – New Perspectives on Montgomery

Moderator: Cornelia Rémi (Germany)

Keynote speaker:
Mary Henly Rubio (U.S./Canada): “L. M. Montgomery: A Writer Who Replenishes Her Audiences”


  • Jean Mitchell (Canada): “Tracing Montgomery’s Childhood Reading(s) of Pilgrim’s Progress and Talmage’s Sermons”

  • Kate Sutherland (Canada): “Going to Law: L. M. Montgomery’s Assertion of Herself as a Writer in the Courts”

  • Åsa Löwén (Sweden): “God’s in His Heaven – All’s Right with the World! Anne’s Development in Faith and her Mental Health. A Study in Psychology of Religion”
Final Words: Gabriella Åhmansson and Åsa Warnqvist

Conference Dinner, Gästrike-Hälsinge nation, Trädgårdsgatan 9, Uppsala

Sunday August 23rd (9 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

Anne of Green Gables – 100 Years in Sweden 1909–2009

This day is open to the public. For those who have registered for the whole conference no advance entry is required.

For international delegates: Guided tour of Uppsala sites during the afternoon (noon to 4.30 p.m.), including lunch at Old Uppsala and coffee/tea at Linneaus Hammarby.

Poster for Sunday (Swedish version)

Poster for Sunday (English version)

Programme 9 a.m. to 12.00 noon (in English):

“Anne of Green Gables – and Afterwards”
Elizabeth Waterston gives an introduction to the writings of Montgomery

“A Conversation with Kate Macdonald Butler”
Gabriella Åhmansson (Gävle University) talks to Montgomery’s grandchild Kate Macdonald Butler


“The Images of Anne of Green Gables Across Cultures and Time”
Simon Lloyd, Special Collections, University of Prince Edward Island, and Donna Campbell, LMMI Research Associate, Ryrie-Campbell Collection, present pictures of Anne during 100 years

Anne of Green Gables – a Reading Experience for Life”
Gabriella Åhmansson talks to Mary Henley Rubio, Elizabeth Rollins Epperly and Elizabeth Waterston who have dedicated a great part of their scholarship to the writings of Montgomery

Lunch (12.00 noon)

Programme 1.30 p.m. to 5 p.m. (in Swedish)

“Adventures Disappear, Fruitcake becomes Anchovies: An Immigrant becomes Swedish”
Cornelia Rémi (Institut für Deutsche Philologie, München) gives a speech on Swedish translations of Anne of Green Gables

“100 Years with Anne of Green Gables
Åsa Warnqvist (Uppsala University/Stockholm University) gives a speech on Swedish editions of Anne of Green Gables and the novel’s importance to Swedish readers


“To Teach Students about Anne of Green Gables today”
Anna Nordenstam and Ann Boglind (Gothenburg University) give a speech on introducing Anne of Green Gables to future teachers

Anne of Green Gables and the Story Club”
Annelie Bränström Öhman (Umeå University) gives a speech on the power of storytelling in Anne of Green Gables

After the presentations, at about 5 p.m., a Montgomery Book Fair with books by and about L. M. Montgomery will take place. Mary Henley Rubio, Elizabeth Waterston, Elizabeth Rollins Epperly and Irene Gammel will be there to sign their books.

We cooperate with The Uppsala English Bookshop. They will be selling books by and about L.M. Montgomery in connection with the book signing. If you wish to be guaranteed a copy of a certain book you can contact the book store for pre-orders at info@bookshop.se or phone +46 18 10 05 10 no later than June 30, 2009. See also the book shop’s web site www.ueb.se for more information.


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